21 MAR 2021 Worship will be "AT CHURCH" as "JOINT WORSHIP"

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IWE will gather at church this coming Lord's Day at 10:00 AM.

It will be a "JOINT" worship with NEXUS.

Still under the influence of COVID-19, we will be ready with all the necessary precautions. Please wear your mask at all times while you are at church and you will be seated behind "GREEN" stickers.

Please come early around 9:30 AM with your church QR code to enter with ease at the church gates. If you are a first-time visitor to Youngnak & IWE, please bring a valid ID card (such as driver's license or passport) with you.

After the service, a YouTube video link of the whole service will be edited and sent out to you around 5:00 PM on the day of.

LIVE STREAMING will be available (without subtitles) during worship hours. Join the IWE YouTube channel below!


ZERA Children's Worship will continue to meet on ZOOM.

*** If you've entered South Korea recently within 2 weeks of period or have a family member in your household who has, and/or have a fever or respiratory symptoms such as coughing, please stay home and use the online method of worship.

*** You will not be able to enter if you have a fever or if you are not wearing a mask.

Hope to see you there!   

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